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Please help us by making a tax deductible donation to IBEM Christian charities, Inc.Please help us by making a tax deductible donation to IBEM Christian charities, Inc.

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About IBEM Christian Charities


Ibem Christian Charities Inc. is founded and facilitated through God’s inspiration by His Royal Highness (Elder/Engr.) Ibem Onum Ndukwe. He is a born-again Christian who temporarily suffered complete blindness for three years and later severed from employment. He obeyed a clear Divine mandate to declare “God’s works” to the poor and sick through the establishment of Ibem Christian Charities Inc. Ibem Christian Hospital is built as an execution outlet for achieving the aims and objective of Ibem Christian Charities Inc. The Hospital was dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ on 31st July, 2008 and officially commenced business on the 1st of August, 2008.

The Hospital is not for profit and is targeted at low income/poor patients especially the blind dwelling in a neglected and underdeveloped area of Eastern Nigeria and will equally serves humanity from far and wide.

Message From The Facilitator


I did not know the extent of suffering and depression which blind and other sick people pass through until early 2002 when I could not see again. After three years, the Lord helped me to see again. As if that was not enough, I was made to taste acute prostate problem, pile, diabetes and high blood pressure. It was on theatre coach that the Lord told me that I was not going to die but to live and declare His works to those passing through my kind of health experience. He moved me beyond mere seeing their plight to showing practical compassion for them. He expounded my vision to assisting the poor in our society as well as creating an opportunity for well meaning individuals and organizations who also share same vision to affect the lives of the blind and sick in the society.

About 25% of the populace of my local Community is bed ridden for blindness.  Death resulting from cases of emergency and child delivery are rampant. The copious and incessant endemic cases of AIDS and Tuberculosis pandemic puts the people in a very pitiable state. These deadly diseases and deplorable conditions need prompt control to avert total extermination of the people.  Ibem Christian Charities Inc. is determined to help as many people as it can in treating their sickness and reassuring them with salvation message of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Mission has built and equipped Ibem Christian Hospital. The first free medical programme was carried out in 1st week of August, 2008 where 700 patients of various sicknesses received treatment. The hospital carries out free monthly eye tests and treatment in addition to the monthly village outreach programme. Several blind people have regained their sights after cataract surgery. Very many Appendectomy, Herniorrhaphy, Hydricoelectomy, Myomectomy, etc successful surgeries have also been recorded within the short existence of the Mission.

As our generous humanitarian endeavours expand, we will need the support of like minded and interested individuals and organizations to partner with us in assisting the sick.

Our Vision

To be dedicated to showing compassion to the sick and needy spiritually and physically in a Christ-like manner.

Our Mission Statement

Commissioned to provide spiritual and physical assistance to the unreached sick, poor and incapacitated rural dwellers in the remote areas of Eastern Nigeria with FREE medication, clothing and food.

Our Core Values

The blind and sick deserve compassion – we must show the poor, the blind and the sick that hope is not lost because God is able to change their situation.

Our Integrity

We have the words of God to share.

We have the skill to treat the sick.

And we know that Jesus Christ heals.

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To collaborate with Local, State and Federal Government to effectively treat patients and carryout Primary Healthcare programmes.
  2. To provide spiritual and physical assistance to the rural poor populace.
  3. To provide free Medical Service to those who cannot afford it.
  4. To carryout medical missionary outreaches to the poor in their rural communities.
  5. To provide an institute (Ibem Christian Hospital) for adequate and conducive healing of souls and body.
  6. To identify with the blind and poor incapacitated individuals who deserve compassion and help them.
  7. To join and/or complement the activities of both Governments and other NGOs to identify, treat and prevent endemic diseases (HIV, TB, leprosy, Filariasis and others).
  8. To encourage good spirited individuals, Government, Churches and Organizations to sponsor her charity activities.
  9. To source for and accept medicines, medical instruments and other equipments necessary for Ibem Christian Hospital and outreach programmes.
  10. To source/accept voluntary services of individuals and organization to assist in the execution of her objectives.
  11. To partner with Organizations, Churches, Government and individuals interested in alleviating the sufferings of humanity in pursuit of the above stated Aims and Objectives.

Personnel/Profile of Board of Directors

ICCI has a clinical team of highly devoted Doctors, Nurses and Para-medical personnel led by Dr. U.K. Agwu a renowned surgeon of impeccable reputation. He has three (3) Optometrist and one (1) Ophthalmologist (1 resident and 1 visiting surgeon). One (1) resident GP, three (3) specialist Doctors and Fifteen (15) Nurses.



Ibem Ndukwe(HRH Eze) is currently the president and the founder of Ibem Christian Charities Inc.Ibem Ndukwe(HRH Eze) is currently the president and the founder of Ibem Christian Charities Inc. ICCI provides spiritual and physical assistance to the hopeless ,poor and sick rural dwellers in Nigeria. He is also the president and the founder of Ibem health Mission Inc, a registered Charity / PVO /NGO dedicated to provide free medical outreach to unreached, neglected and endemic rural communities. He established Ibem Christian Hospital which administers free medication to poor since 2008.

HRH Eze Ndukwe was formally a Tool–room Engineer in Nigeria Engineering Works Ltd, Port Harcourt, Nigeria from 1975 to 1976. In     N. E.W ,Ltd he controlled the designing and production of mechanical components. He later joined Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited in 1976 and managed Egbema and kolo- creek Districts.

He achieved ISO 1400 Certification for the district during his tenure and retired as Area Coordinator in December 2004.

In his Christian service , Eze Ndukwe is extensively involved in several participatory and leadership levels in Scripture union Fellowship Groups and the Presbyterian Church of Nigerian Since he became a Christian in 1971 such as the Prayer Secretary, Treasurer and president at Enugu, Aba and Ohafia. He is an Ordained Elder of Presbyterian church of Nigeria and has serve in many other capacities within the church such as the Bible Study teacher, Evangelism leader, Church Board Chairman for several years in Port Harcourt and Bayelsa State . He planted PCN in Yene –Zuegene in 2001. To disciple new Christian from the area and raised moral and hope among the rural poor. In 2005, He open a New Congregation of PCN in Eliowhani, Port Harcourt. He has received 14 awards as a Christian Crusader, Pillar of Faith Philanthropist, etc.

For Community service, Eze Ndukwe was the National President of Ndi –Ibe Development Union from 2004 to 2010. In recognition of his good leadership and Royal birthright, his Amibe Community crowned him a king. Consequently, he was given Abia State Government Staff in Office in 2010 as His Royal Highness.

Eze Ndukwe is a registered Engineer with the Engineers Registration Board,(London). He is a member Institute of Engineers (London) 1978. He also hold a Diploma in pollution Control, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and a Certificate in Petroleum Fluid Mechanism, Petroleum Training Institute Nigeria 1998.

He is happily married to Ugoeze (Eld) Ularinma and they are blessed with 3 male and 2 female.


Patience Uche graduated from Navarro College with Associate’s Degree in Nursing  (ADN) in 2002/ 2003, She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Texas Woman’s University. She has taken graduate courses to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She Currently works as a Staff nurse at Methodist Hospital in Dallas. She is the Owner / president of United Royal Care Health Services Inc, a home health agency in Dallas, Texas and has also been instrumental in opening other agencies, serving as an Administrator/DON and Alternate DON.

Patience grew up in Ndi Ibe ohafia , a small Village , in Nigeria. She is the third of five Children from her mother and fifth of nine Children from her father .At the tender age of 17, She moved to United States . She lives in Dallas with her husband Dr Uko Uche and five Childrean : Harry , Casey, Michelle ,Nina, and Diana. They are members of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Dallas.

She is a member of several  Professional  Organization including Texas Nurse Association, American Diabetic Association (ADA) and Texas Association of Home Care and Hospice. She also belongs to several Cultural associations: Umunne Women Association of Dallas/Fort Worth, Ohafia Organization (Dallas), and Old Bende Association, She enthusiastically serves as secretary for the latter two.  


Mr. Sysdney Umah - Treasurer IBEM Christian Charities, Inc.Mr. Sydney O. Umah is currently the president and CEO of USI Fire & Security. The company was founded in 2005 with it’s headquarter in Orlando Florida.

Prior to founding the company, Mr. Umah attended Government technical college Ania Ohafia and obtained Electrical Installation and Regulation Course B Intermediate. He later studied Electronics Engineering Technology at Devry University in Orlando Florida.

With over 20years in the low voltage industry, Mr. Umah has successfully designed, executed and managed millions of dollar projects and has worked with companies such as ProtectionOne, Safeguard America, Safe watch Security. He later managed Simplex Grinnell LLP Orlando branch of Tyco Fire & Security.

Mr. Umah lives in Florida with his family. He is a dedicated father of three children and an ordained minister who believes that the only solution to mankind is God’s kingdom and that the good news about Christ has to reach all mankind.


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